Many weeks after Democrats swept the Georgia Senate runoff elections, the right-wing extremists’ January 6th assault on Congress saturated the news cycle.

Recent graduate Emily Conway ’21 has secured a full-time job as a research and policy associate with the North Bay Labor Council, a democratically elected body that represents the interests of over

The griddle was fired up early Monday outside Carpenters Union Hall in Santa Rosa for the popular Labor Day pancake breakfast that honors workers and traditionally kicks off the political campaign season.

By 9 a.m., the line for flapjacks, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs wrapped all the way around the Local 751 building just as a throng of elected officials began to queue up for a revolving door of remarks celebrating 125 years of the American labor movement. Most opted to speak on an empty stomach due to the long line.

Across the USA, 45 cities and counties have approved local minimum wage laws to address soaring inequality. Twenty-six are in high-cost California coastal counties and the Bay Area: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

North Bay cities are joining the ‘Fight for $15’ movement. Sonoma approved the first citywide minimum wage law in June 2019 and Petaluma passed the second in July.

After a heated, four-hour debate filled with occasional outbursts, passionate testimony and one business owner telling the mayor to “go to hell,” the Novato City Council opted this week to delay its bid to fast-track the state’s minimum wage hike.

“I’m struggling all the time to be able to support them,” Lua said, speaking through interpreter Alex Early of the National Union of Healthcare Workers. “I think now that we’re probably going to have to move out of Novato after so many years living here.”

The union that represents nurses at Petaluma Valley Hospital and the facility’s operator have hit an impasse in negotiations over a new contract.

In recent weeks, the Petaluma Staff Nurse Partnership union and operator St. Joseph Health have ramped up public outreach, placing dueling political advertisements in the Argus-Courier to explain their argument. The union is planning an Aug. 22 hospital-wide informational picket, according to Jim Goerlich, president of the Petaluma Staff Nurse Partnership.

The deal was a victory for the 16 teachers at Forestville School & Academy who staged the walkout that culminated with support from many families who kept their children home on the first day of school Thursday to support the faculty.

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Last Chance Negotiations Session Disrespectful of Teachers Time: Forestville Teachers Prepare for August 12th Strike

100% Strike Vote Includes Backing by Sonoma County Teachers Unions


After two years of bargaining, Forestville teachers met with the district managers (new superintendent, district’s attorney, and two board members) on Wednesday, July 24th with the hope of averting a strike and having a positive agreement to begin the school year.