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Union Member Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund

These are without a doubt some very strange times. I'm pretty sure none of us have lived through a pandemic like this before and we are.  

We've made it through fires, floods and now Covid-19.

We've gone ahead and reactivated the GoFundMe page we had during the fires. However, unlike the fires, when we could appeal to our brothers & sisters in other parts of the country, everyone is going through the same pains so we're just putting this out to folks to see if we can raise some more money. Hope you'll consider making a generous donation to help out our brothers and sisters who are struggling at this time. 

Thanks everyone. Here's hoping you and yours are safe and healthy and that we find our way out of this as soon as possible.

SB 1257 Goes to Senate Labor Committee

Domestic Workers are not protected by CAL-OSHA. SB 1257 will right that wrong. Please click "Take Action" and tell Senators on the Senate Labor Committee - where SB 1257 will be heard in a few days - to vote YES on this important Legislation. 

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Stop the Proposal to Slash Farmworkers Wages

Farmworkers are risking their well-being to keep our food system going without adequate safety, financial, and health protections. Meanwhile, this administration has proposed slashing minimum wages for farmworkers on guest worker visas as “aid” to industrial agriculture.

Let's block this legislation. 

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Workers’ Bill of Rights During COVID-19 Crisis-Sign Your Name in Support

The COVID-19 crisis is devastating workers in every industry.  This crisis is also exposing the gaping holes in our social safety net and laying bare just how rigged this economy is against workers and our families and how tilted it is to the wealthy and powerful. It’s time for decision-makers to hear from us about what we demand to weather this crisis and the changes we need to create an economy that prioritizes working people going forward.

Click and add your name.

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Protect Grocery Store & Pharmacy Workers

Please help get the word to Governor Newsom that grocery and retail drug workers should be declared emergency front-line workers. Acknowledgements are not enough, we need actions. Please sign and share this link to your networks to have as many people as possible sign a petition that demands Governor Newsom designate grocery and retail drug workers as emergency front-line workers and give benefits to workers.

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NBLC Disaster Relief Fund 2019

Unfortunately, we once again find ourselves running from fires and dealing with massive power outages. Sadly, this has become our new normal. 

We've re-activated our Disaster Relief Fund. Please consider helping out. by clicking the Take Action button. If you'd rather donate by check, please send it to "NBLC Disaster Relief Fund" 2525 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, 95403.

In Solidarity

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