The Sonoma City Council on Monday finalized its ordinance raising the city minimum wage to $16 for all workers by 2023 – placing Sonoma at an accelerated pace beyond the sta

A shot across the bow of the district before mediation begins on June 18

The union representing 4,000 Kaiser Permanente mental health workers statewide announced on Monday plans for an indefinite strike beginning next week to protest what it clai

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educators in action

A Santa Rosa High School (SRHS) counselor is being punished for standing up for her students.

North Bay Jobs with Justice and the North Bay Labor Council have been working together to bring an accelerated minimum wage to multiple cities in Sonoma and Marin Counties. The ordinance brought to these cities would advance the minimum wage put in place by the state and bring it to $15 by 2020 - three years sooner than the state.

A year and a half after she selected a contractor to begin rebuilding the house she lost in the October 2017 Tubbs fire, Lynette Kronick has nothing to show for it. Her burned lot on Lavender Lane in the Mark West neighborhood remains vacant.

“My roommate has a 3-year-old granddaughter,” she said. “I’d like to have this house built before she graduates from high school.”

A new generation of union activists see their struggles as part of the fight for equitable resources for the communities in which they teach

For the past few years I’ve been studying teacher unions and teachers strikes throughout the Americas.

As Pride Month is recognized around the world this year, the rainbow-hued celebration will be colored by hope, fear for the future, and reverence for the queer liberation movement’s radical past.

Mexico didn’t foist NAFTA on the United States, despite President Donald Trump’s constant claims that the U.S. loses “so much money” on the deal. We did it to ourselves, and we did it deliberately.

Corporations wanted to create in Mexico a low-wage haven where they could shift production, expecting us to happily buy the imported goods built with cheap Mexican labor—while exporting our jobs.

President Trump ran for office as a champion of American workers and a friend of labor unions, but his administration has systematically favored employers at the expense of workers.

Labor leader Rusty Hicks was elected the next chairman of the California Democratic Party on Saturday, a win cemented by support from many elected officials and most of the state’s major labor organizations, who hope he can steer the party out of an internal crisis in time for the 2020 elections.