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We at the North Bay Labor Council have been working with all levels of government to help and protect workers during this difficult time.

Take Action

Please help get the word to Governor Newsom that grocery and retail drug workers should be declared emergency front-line workers. Acknowledgements are not enough, we need actions. Please sign and share this link to your networks to have as many people as possible sign a petition that demands Governor Newsom designate grocery and retail drug workers as emergency front-line workers and give benefits to workers.

The North Bay Labor Council is helping to sponsor a forum on Healthcare for All. Please attend and learn about this very important issue. 

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Recent News

As you know we’ve been looking for ways we can help in the new world of “social distancing.” We’re planning to have our next Council meeting on March 25th by zoom video, more on that in another email.

As it does every election cycle, the North Bay Labor Council took positions on races that will be on our ballots in the March Primary. Hard to believe, the Primary is less than two short months away. And absentee ballots – the way most people are voting these days – will start landing in mailboxes in about a week.



Recently, United States life expectancy has stagnated or declined for the poor and working class and risen for the middle and upper classes. Declining labor‐union density—the percent of workers who are unionized—has precipitated burgeoning income inequity. We examined whether it has also exacerbated racial and educational mortality inequities.

It may not be news to those in the business, but new numbers back up what IBEW and other union construction members already know: there’s safety in a union.