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It's Better in a Union

71% of Americans support unions, the highest level in nearly 60 years. And our future is bright: 88% of people younger than 30 support unions, too.


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Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, 2021

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Tell Pierce County Council: Affordable Housing NOW!

The greatest need for housing is among the lowest income residents. To meet these needs, the county must produce, on average, over 2,300 units per year of housing affordable at or below 50% of area median income (AMI) through the year 2044. Over half of those units are needed for households at 30% of AMI or below. We know the private market cannot solve for housing needs at this scale or at these income levels. That is why the revenue from the 1/10 of one percent tax for housing and related services is essential. 

This tax would cost the average Pierce County resident very little, a penny on a $10 purchase, and it would benefit the most low-income households in the county. Without this dedicated revenue, significantly fewer housing units affordable to Pierce County families will be developed, and the county will have dramatically fewer options to address our homelessness crisis.

Tell our county council to pass this vital piece to the housing puzzle in Pierce County!

Affordable Housing NOW

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