Now More than Ever

A very important phonebank has been set up to call into Arizona for Mark Kelly who's running against Martha McSally for the seat originally held by John McCain. While we need Kelly in Arizona, his election just became even more urgent. 

The Arizona seat Mark Kelly is running for is crucial to the SCOTUS replacement. Republicans are trying to ram this through despite all they said when Obama had the right to replace Scalia and there was almost a year left before the election. Now with mere weeks left we must do all we can to keep the filling of the huge vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and changing the course of history for the next generation. 

What's at stake? Healthcare, a woman's right to choose, marriage equality, immigrant's rights, worker's rights, racial equality and so so so much more. 

And here's a very important detail. If Mark Kelly is elected, he gets sworn in on November 30th, not December or January as it is in other states. If the reeps are successful in pushing this replacement through, he stands a good chance of being able to cast a vote against whatever horrible, ultra right candidate, trump tries to push through. more than ever, we need you to chip in and help Mark Kelly cross the finish line. 

Here's the link to register.

Do it now. Don't wait. Do it for RBG. So much depends on it.