THE North Bay Labor Council Stands With its AAPI Sisters & Brothers

March 24, 2021

The North Bay Labor Council stands strongly against racism, hate and violence of any kind

After a year of dealing with a virus we’ve never faced before, we are seemingly coming through the darkness of being isolated from each other. However, there is another kind of darkness we find ourselves facing. Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders have painfully been the victims of hateful acts by those wrongly “blaming” them for the pandemic. We are deeply concerned about this kind of hate and blatant racism. It breeds nothing but pain and suffering.

The human condition is such that, like it or not, we need each other to survive and thrive. All of us are human, all of us are vulnerable, and all of us are responsible to stand against what we’ve been witnessing.

In the Labor Movement, we say, “when one of us is injured, we’re all injured.” We believe this and firmly stand by it.

We will not stand for racism, xenophobia, or any of the reprehensible treatment of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders who did not bring us the coronavirus.

The only way we get through the darkness is together. The only way we defeat the darkness is with light. 

So we shine a light on what needs to be extinguished. We pledge to be an example of standing for all people.  

As we begin to come through what appears to be the worst of the pandemic, we pledge to come out of the darkness and greet all as our brothers and sisters. We are defeating the virus, and we will work just as hard to defeat the hate.