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Workforce and Development

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President Tom Kelly, Vp Bill Mullins, Ira Stern, and Pat Glover represent the Passaic County CLC as the labor voice at The Workforce Development Board of Passaic County (WDB).

Ira Stern chairs the In-Demand Industry.  The purpose of the In-Demand Industry Council is to advise the best means of matching good-paying jobs with benefits to participants at Passaic County One-Stop. Where possible we would offer advisement to assist with generating advantageous career pathways for Passaic County residents. In the spirit of a true partnership, our meetings will be open to representatives from the public, local government, private employers, and the labor community. Through meaningful work, our goal is to improve the lives of Passaic County workers and residents. 

In Addition, Ira administers the IAM CREST Youth Transition to Work program, funded by the NJ Department of Labor working with IAM District 15, helping high school seniors learn about career opportunities as automotive and diesel technicians through apprenticeships. Ira attended the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations and has many years of experience in education and labor. Prior to joining IAM CREST in 2009, he worked for various unions coordinating their education, training, and legislative programs.

College is not for everyone.  if you're a High School student, talk to your guidance counselor and ask about Union Apprenticeship today. If you are out of school below you will find links from the AFL/CIO site that may help or you can contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you.    

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs integrate systematic on-the-job training, guided by an experienced master-level practitioner in an occupation, with classroom instruction. The federal government, in cooperation with the states, registers apprenticeship programs that meet federal and state standards. The best programs—which provide multiple industries with highly skilled workers who earn family-sustaining wages—are registered with government agencies, operated by sponsors representing labor and management organizations, and funded through collectively bargained contributions to tax-exempt trust funds.

Building and Construction Trades Apprenticeship Programs

Manufacturing Training and Apprenticeship Programs

Labor-Management Partnerships

By partnering with employers, unions help working people develop in-demand skills to power the next generation of American-led innovation.

Joint labor-management training programs in the building and construction industry contribute about $1.5 billion to the American economy every year.

We combine forces to offer opportunities for working people in many other industries including health care, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and aerospace.

The Alliance for Employee Growth and Development is a partnership with the Communication Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

The USW Institute for Career Development pursues the goal to help every worker attain his or her full potential, both as an employee and as a human being, in the competitive and challenging environment that lies ahead.

The UAW alliances with Ford and GM drive innovation in labor-management relations, improve the lives of union members and propel the auto industry into a pattern of profitable growth for the 21st century.

The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership covers 115,000 union-represented workers, 14,000 managers, and 19,000 physicians.