Google Tag Manager

To setup an identifier for  Google Tag Manager go to the menu gear on the left and click to open the options. Select "Variables".

In the next window, select the Google Tag Manager tab. Click the link for "Sign up for GTM"


The default Timezone setting for UnionHall websites is Eastern Standard Time (EST). You may need to change this setting for new content such as events. Navigate to the left menu with the gear icon to open the options.  Select "Variables"

This will open the edit screen for general setting for your website. Select "Regional Settings".

Embed Action Network Form

You can embed code from Action Network in the sidebar of a page in your website providing you have the permissions to utilize the "Customize this page" feature. If you look at the set of icons in the lower right corner, you may see a button the a paper symbol on it.

Social Properties

If your organization has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Youtube you can customize your site to show the icons along the top banner. If your organization does not have account on these social networking sites the accounts belonging to your parent site will be inherited.

To add your organization's accounts, you can follow these steps:

First, ensure you are on your homepage, and click the "edit" button in the lower right menu.


1.1  Create Tier 1 and Tier 2 Spaces

  • Create a new Space (this will be Tier 1)
  • Create a Section in the Tier 1 space
  • Create a Subspace in the Tier 1 Space (this will be Tier 2)
  • Create a Section in the Tier 2 space with the same Section Type as the Section created in Tier 1
    • Note: syndication requires matching Section Types
  • Open the top left Open Atrium menu, open the Structure tab, and select Taxonomy

1.2  Create Syndication Tags


In order to access the menu management page you will need to navigate to Admin>Structure>Menus.