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How to Affiliate

Dana Shumate
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Dear Local Union Leaders/Members:

Brothers and Sisters, you and your Local Union are needed NOW, more than ever. It’s no secret that the loud effective voice of organized workers has grown softer and is in danger of becoming a whisper. As “The Voice of Labor in the Sunshine State”, the Florida AFL-CIO is asking your Local Union to join us on the front lines. Your participation is critical to keep your members protected and respected.

Currently, a number of eligible Local Unions are not affiliated with the Florida AFL-CIO. Just as every Local Union appreciates those members that join and pay their fair share for the benefits each Local Union negotiates, so it is with the Florida AFL-CIO. Union strength comes from participation by ALL who benefit, not from riding on the backs of only those who affiliate. For whatever reasons your Local Union is not currently affiliated, please consider doing so. We ALL need you and your members to join the fight in Florida to protect working families.

As part of your affiliation with the Florida AFL-CIO, you will also have a voice and a vote at your Central Labor Council, including participation in local candidate interviews and screenings. Your involvement in this process will help elect officials who will support working family issues.

Included is a brochure, which spells out the benefits of affiliation. Costing just 80 cents per member per month, the benefits far outweigh the cost. We hope you will take the time to review and discuss the information with your Local Union. We will contact you soon to discuss additional benefits and answer any questions, if necessary. However, there is no need to wait if your membership has the will to join this never-ending fight to keep what we have won.

Thank you for considering affiliation with the Florida AFL-CIO. We are looking forward to having [INSERT LOCAL HERE] as an important part of a growing Labor movement in Florida.

In Solidarity,

Mike Williams

Florida AFL-CIO, President


Executive Committee members

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