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Working Peoples Legislative Scorecard

Michigan’s union members and their families showed up in droves to make their voices heard last November, delivering pro-worker majorities in both chambers of the state legislature for the first time in 40 years. Since then, the labor movement has achieved historic victories and ushered in a new era in our state capitol where workers, not corporate interests, are calling the shots.

We’ve repealed devastating attacks on public workers’ organizing rights, we’ve provided huge tax relief to working people and retirees, we’ve expanded workplace protections for our LGBTQ+ siblings, and we’ve repealed anti-union “right to work,” making Michigan the first state to do so in almost 60 years. 

Michigan’s working people deserve to know exactly who fights for them, and who doesn’t. That’s why we’ve developed our new Working People’s Legislative Scorecard, to track the legislation that improves the lives and livelihoods of workers as well as the bills that seek to undermine workers’ freedoms and strip away our rights. We’ll track votes on the floor and in committee to make sure the legislators who stand with us are celebrated as champions for working people, and the legislators who work against us are held accountable.

For the first time, Michiganders will be able to search for their representatives’ voting record by county, or by typing in their address. The scorecard will be updated throughout the remainder of this legislative session with new votes as they happen, allowing Michiganders to hold their leaders accountable in real time like never before.