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Union Plus Launches New Retiree Healthcare Program

Union Plus
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This month, Union Plus launched a new Retiree Healthcare Program in partnership with Anthem and the AFL-CIO Mutual Benefit Trust.

Union Plus and the AFL-CIO are proud of this innovative program that provides comprehensive health care options to Medicare-eligible retirees through two Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield group Medicare Advantage plans designed exclusively for retired union members (and their spouses/partners). These group plans feature enhanced benefits compared to what members could purchase for themselves through the individual insurance market.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (UMWA) wrote to union leaders, “Our goal is to make these plans simple and streamlined for your organization to implement, while delivering exceptional value and rich benefits to your retirees at the same time.”

Jumping right in as this program launched, SAG-AFTRA launched the new program to their members and emphasized that it’s helping to fill a void left by changes to their health plan’s eligibility rules, which puts thousands of members at risk of losing their union health coverage.

Thanks to the new Retiree Healthcare Program, Medicare-eligible union members and their families will have access to a variety of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Nationwide access to providers and care, with the same benefits in or out of network without penalty.
  • Lower monthly premiums.
  • Brand-name prescription drug benefits and “donut hole” gap coverage.
  • Enrollment flexibility.
  • No co-pay for some medical services, such as routine annual physicals and preventive care.
  • Broader pharmacy formulary list for needed prescriptions.
  • A simplified enrollment experience and purposefully designed programs for older adults.
  • Additional value-added programs and services that include telehealth, SilverSneakers health club memberships, and hearing and vision benefits.

Learn more about the benefits available through the new Union Plus Retiree Healthcare Program at