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Union Plus Everyday Discounts Subsidize Summer Fun

Union Plus
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As the country reopens and more and more families return to their favorite summer activities, there’s never been a better time to tap into Union Plus’s everyday discounts, many of which are powered by Abenity. Union members save up to 37% on movie tickets at your choice of national chains, up to 63% on your favorite hotels, and get huge discounts on admission tickets to water and theme parks, tourist attractions and tours.

The Union Plus Deals app, available through Google Play or the app store for iPhones, gives union members access to thousands of discounts on everything from restaurants and shopping to car rentals and live events. The discounts are available as mobile coupons and are ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Tim Samsel, a retired air traffic controller and National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) member, noted that union discounts have come a long way since he was a kid. When Samsel was growing up in a union family, they’d have to go to the union hall to get amusement park tickets. Today, the Union Plus Deals app makes discovering discounts as easy as unlocking your phone to book a hotel, or opening your computer to buy a concert ticket.

“The Union Plus app is a valuable tool to use for discounts for travel or car rentals,” Samsel said. “Our family is making a more conscious effort to see if there are better deals available for union families through the app. You can download discounts and scan them when you need to; it’s nice.”

James White, the director of organizing for the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART), is another fan of the Union Plus Deals app. “The app makes it that much easier to save a few bucks,” White said. “I speak to the members and tell them it’s like getting free dues.” White has used the app to save money on gift certificates, and his son and daughter like to use the discounts on movie tickets when they go out with their friends. “You go out to eat once or twice a month, or you go to the movies, you use the Union Plus app and see what discounts they have,” White said.

To learn more about everyday discounts, visit and register at or with the Union Plus Deals app to start saving.