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Daryl Newman


Daryl Newman is a skilled political organizer and grassroots activist and the youngest person ever elected to the Office of Secretary-Treasurer of the Michigan State AFL-CIO prior to being elected President of the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO.

He served as Member Mobilizer for the American Federation of Teachers, Michigan. At a time when classroom teachers and all educational employees are under attack from forces that would gut our public educational system, Daryl worked to make sure their voices were heard in Lansing.

The son of a union postal worker and a teacher in the Detroit Public Schools, Daryl learned the value of trade unionism early on.

Upon his graduation from Michigan State University, Daryl found a talent for political organizing. He went to work for candidates and campaigns that shared his values, and rose quickly to positions of responsibility. As state political director of the Michigan Democratic Party, Daryl mobilized for key victories even in highly competitive races. Since 2000, he has been involved in every coordinated presidential campaign and has helped ensure that Michigan voters elected a labor-endorsed candidate. His career at the Michigan Democratic Party is notable as he was the youngest political director of a state Democratic Party organization in the country during his tenure.

Daryl was elected President of the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO on February 23, 2019.