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The mission of the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO, as expressed in our constitution, is to:

  • Promote the general welfare, maintain, protect, and advance the interests of all working people in its territory without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, religion, handicap, age, gender or sexual orientation;
  • Teach and promote the ideals of labor unity and organization, and lend assistance to the organizing activities of affiliated local unions;
  • Assist in furthering the objectives and policies of the AFL-CIO, and organizations affiliated with the AFL-CIO;
  • Serve as a means of exchanging information among affiliated bodies in matters of common interest;
  • Propose, support and promote legislation favorable to, and oppose legislation detrimental to the interest of organized labor and the community; 
  • Select and actively support candidates for public office, in accordance with COPE Bylaws, and who subscribe to principals and programs beneficial to organized labor and the communities; 
  • Engage in such other community activities as are consistent with the objectives and principals set forth in the Constitution and policies of the AFL-CIO; and 
  • Assist unions in crisis situations to mobilize support for picket lines, boycotts, contract campaigns fund-raising and other activity.