The current Presidential Administration wants to limit our right to organize and limit worker protections. They will try and fool the public into believing there is freedom in non-union work.

Labor Leader of the Week doesn’t quite describe this recognition.

Voting in Pennsylvania and our role in this next election is so important it is regularly on the national news.

Watch the AFL-CIO Labor Day advertisement.

As Labor Day approaches and economic conditions in the U.S. remain tenuous, Americans' 65% approval of labor unions is once again the highest it has been since 2003. Public support for labor unions has been generally rising since hitting its lowest point of 48% in 2009, during the Great Recession.

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A lack of poll workers can lead to a lack of available polling places ― and voter disenfranchisement. Given that the pandemic has made door-knocking infeasible in so many areas, labor groups are diverting some of that energy and resources to the poll worker cause. “With COVID, door-to-door has gone by the wayside. So this is how we show up for the moment,” said Michael Podhorzer, who leads political strategy at the AFL-CIO labor federation, which includes 55 unions. “It’s a million-person workforce that kind of has to be replaced.

Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO, on Thursday morning accused President Trump of breaking his promises to bring more manufacturing and infrastructure jobs to working Americans.

They were some of Mr. Trumka’s strongest comments to date — and a recognition that even labor leaders who were willing to give Mr. Trump a chance four years ago are no longer open to finding common ground.

Our USW local 1016

Union brothers and sisters

working at NLMK in Farrell Pa have been

on strike since August 22nd.

The Beaver-Lawrence CLC is again the first to step up and lead the way! We sent out a plea for a show of support and Solidarity for the members of USW 1016 who are on strike at NLMK in Farrell, PA. and voila, they planned a 

USW District 10 Director Bobby ‘Mac’ McAuliffe, has been active with the United Steelworkers of America his entire adult life. Serving in many roles with his union, he has been very involved with the partner unions of the PA AFL-CIO, Central Labor Councils, and is a Vice President of our State Federation.


In 1973, the United States Congress designated August 26th Women’s Equality Day to commemorate the ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women’s right to vote. This has become a day to celebrate all women have done making process towards equity while recognizing how far there is still to go.