The Countdown #10

Weakened Mine Inspections


What the Trump Administration calls ‘regulatory reform,’ Unions call jeopardizing lives. With sweeping legislation, in December 2017, the current administration took massive pride in canceling over 1,500 regulatory actions across many sectors. Actions intended to protect the public, consumers, and workers.  


It was in April of 2018 when a rule was finalized which weakened the requirements of mine safety inspections. In 2017, while the regulations were in place, 15 miners lost their lives on the job that year. In the two years since the regulations were canceled, 51 miners have lost their lives while trying to make a living.


Joe Biden has made a commitment to domestically mined materials. He understands that we need these materials produced in the United States safely, not imported from abroad. That keeps us working and keeps all of our communities safe. Joe will be sure those essential workers, our sisters and brothers who mine the materials that fuel and build our nation, go home to their families every night. Just as they did when he was Vice President.


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