Votes, Not Courts, Will Decide and Defend Our Democracy

You know the story. Once upon a time, before organized labor, coal companies owned entire towns. One Westmoreland County coal miner wrote in 1911, “coal barons controlled both the courts, the squires, the sheriff and the county.”

In more than 100 years of progress, we’ve learned the lessons of our history. Democracies are not guaranteed by judges or lawyers. The survival of our democratic republic depends on us. 

Millions of commonwealth voters, not nine court justices, will decide the 2020 election. 

That’s why Pennsylvania’s highest court ruled that ballots mailed by Election Day, and received up to three days after, will be counted. Asked to stop the ruling from taking effect, the U.S. Supreme Court declined. Protections for voters to cast our ballots from home makes sense during a raging, unchecked pandemic. That should be the end of it.

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