September Primary Endorsements Announced

The Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council has declared endorsements for the September Primary election for mayor and city council races.

              “We are very excited about this year’s race,” says COPE Chair Jackie Sandle.  Sandle is a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service and a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 545 in Charlotte.  This is her third year as Chair of the Committee on Political Education. 

              Political endorsements are made by volunteer delegates from different craft unions in industries across Mecklenburg County. Candidates are required to complete a questionnaire written by union members.  Questionnaires tackle difficult questions for candidates to skirt or give a “political” answer to such would a candidate speak out on behalf of a collective bargaining campaign once in office or support for a living wage.  Some of the questions asked, are of course theoretical due to limits placed on collective bargaining by the North Carolina state law.  “It is important to know where people stand on these issues, even if it might be outside their prevue as a City Council person or mayor. How they respond to questions really inform our committee about their values and the priorities they will take with them to office,” says COPE violunteer Debra Franklin, a CATS bus driver and member of SMART 1596.  

              Notable endorsements this year are Braxton Winston II, a member of the Stagehands Union (IATSE Local 322) running for City Council At Large. He is a a community activist as well as a Labor Council delegate.  “We are very proud of Braxton.  He is an upstanding union member, family man and community advocate,” says Tim Rorie, President of the Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council.  “Any organization that this young man was a part of would be proud to support his bid for City Council at Large.  Braxton is an outspoken advocate and a man of action, just the kind of person that working people need as their campion on city council. 

              Also endorsed were Julie Eiselt for a second City Council At Large term, Larken Egleston for City Council District 1, Justin Harlow for City Council District 2, Lawana Mayfield for City Council District 3, Matt Newton for City Council District 5 and Patricia Johnson, a former union member for City Council District 4. They have also endorsed Jennifer Roberts for a second term as Mayor of Charlotte.

              “Making endorsements in the primary can be difficult,” concludes Rorie. “but our organization stands behind it’s endorsements.  For those who were not endorsed and get elected, we still look forward to working with those folks on behalf of working families in Charlotte and we invite you to prove us wrong.”