Every Vote Counts!

We are truly all in this together. We work collectively, we bargain collectively, and we vote collectively for a reason. We are stronger as a union. It is each individual member that makes up our unions and we want to encourage all our sisters and brothers to make their voice heard in this election while also being sure they stay safe.

We are encouraging everyone to vote by mail and vote as soon as possible to be sure their ballot is received on time. The USPS has been central to our democracy since the founding of our nation. Starting during the Civil War, Americans have used the mail to vote, and the Post Office has been essential to our system of elections ever since.


We are calling and texting hundreds of thousands of our sisters and brothers across our great commonwealth to be sure they are registered and ready to vote in this election. You can help make empower others by taking an hour or two a week to make calls to your fellow union members.


Are You registered and ready to vote? Go to www.workersfirstvoteunion.org to find out!


All set?


Help be sure your sisters and brothers in Pennsylvania are ready too by volunteering with us.

Visit this link for more information: