Campaign Kick-Off

When it's time to get ready to start a public campaign and establish majority support for our union.     

we are ready!

As a committee, we have assessed how to successfully build majority support among co-workers and win recognition through election or card-check. We have thought through obstacles and opposition and have a plan.

This is the time to:

  • Build support quickly for a card-check campaign, to petition for election or other next steps to get our union recognized.
  • Convey a positive message and vision for what we’re trying to accomplish and why.
  • Establish and reinforce that “we are the union.”
  • Be inclusive and encourage participation.
  • Show what it means to stand together.
  • Keep recruiting people to join our committee and finding new ways to get people involved.
  • Be careful about responding tit for tat with the employer’s reaction.
  • Stay in touch and follow up with people one on one.


PDF icon Reach a Majority on Authorization Cards
PDF icon Sample Agenda for a One-on-One Organizing Conversation