Protecting the Right to Organize

The current Presidential Administration wants to limit our right to organize and limit worker protections. They will try and fool the public into believing there is freedom in non-union work. This pandemic has exposed that lie.



Many contract workers have been abandoned and the gig economy has been hit incredibly hard. That is why, when our unions give out food and supplies, we do not turn anyone in the community away. We are all struggling right now. Being there for each other in times of need is important. We know this because Unions build and support our communities every day by advocating for workers.



The Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or PRO Act, allows information on how to join a union be freely distributed, it eliminates the ability for workers to be fired for trying to organize, and it provides protections for workers that would otherwise be on their own in an emergency. The current Presidential Administration has released a statement vowing they would veto PRO Act after the bill passed in the House of Representatives.



Unions value loyal employees, ensuring they see pay increases and career growth over their years of work.  Unions also care enough to be sure that when a person is no longer able to work, either temporarily or permanently, their years of commitment to worker protections, just by taking part in their union in the most basic way, will be their safety net.



This is why we must vote in the strongest labor candidates in recent history by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe has made this commitment to us: “I’ll sign the PRO Act – making it easier for workers to organize and collectively bargain – and be the strongest labor president workers have ever had.”



Let us make a commitment to Joe and Kamala, that we will do what we do best; work tirelessly to get the job done, and get them to the White House in November.



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