The Northwestern Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation has several forms used for reporting of information from our affiliates. We currently have some designed so that you can type in fields, save for your records, print for submission and send to us. Our goal is to improve the accuracy of our records. We hope you will use them.

In the resource section below you will find the following forms:

  • All per capita forms have been removed because we are now on a new system for per capita remittance. Contact Rosann at 814-360-8336 or via -email at [email protected] for more information.
    • PDF icon 2015_nwpa_alf_delegates_chart.pdf This chart is designed so you can determine the number of delegates your local union has the ability to serve at the NWPA ALF and its 10 CLCs. Once you determine the number of Delegates you are entitled we want to remind you that you also have an opportunity to have an equal number of Alternates.
    • File delegates_form.xlsx Local unions have the opportunity to change their delegates whenever they choose. This form enables you to update your delegates with the NWPA ALF and any or all of our CLCs on one form. Every month we update all information with our CLCs.You can open, type in the fields, save for your records and print to either email or mail to the NWPA ALF
    •  PDF icon 2015_delegates_form_2.pdfDelegates Form as a PDF(Picture Data Format)
    •  The Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation has developed a candidate Questionnaire for County, Municipal & School District Candidates that all candidates should complete. To access this questionnaire go to www.paaflcio.org/labor2019. It can only be completed online. We recommend all candidates go to the website to create an account and complete this questionnaire. In addition, we recommend you spend some time on the website and utilize the other information to better familiarize yourself with the labor movement. 

    We hope you find these forms helpful and easily accessible.