PDF icon2019_nwpaalf_brochure.pdfLearn more about the NWPA Area Labor Federation which cover 19 counties in NW Pennsylvania, via this brochure. We have our own scholarships brochures for those are also available on our website under"Scholarships", We work with our more than 200 affiliated Local Unions and 9 Central Labor Councils and 1 Chapter, to help the labor movement grow in our area. We have developed a brochure for each of our 9 CLCs and Chapter to help them promote themself. 

PDF icon2017-2018_nwpa_alf_legis_dir_alpha-alflogo.pdfThis brochure has been updated with the legislators  who will be serving in our 19 counties of NWPA .

PDF iconclc_structure_and_activities_brochure.pdf Rhis brochure describes in brief the structure and activities of Central Labor Councils.

PDF iconbl_clc_brochure2018.pdf Beaver-Lawrence CLC Brochure includes a vast amount of imformation about this very active CLC whos jurisdiction covers both Beaver and Lawrence Counties in PA. Look for their Scholarship in the section of our website "Scholarships".

PDF icon2018_b_clc_brochure.pdf The Butler County United Labor Council has affiliates from the various unions in Butler County Pennsylvania. They do a variety of projects to benefit both their members and the community. To learn more about them review the brochure via the link at the top left of this paragraph. They will be having Nominations in January and Election in February of 2019. Please join them at their next meeting.

PDF icon2018_cecj_clc_brochure.pdfThis Brochure discusses the Clearfield-Elk-Cameron-Jefferson Clearfield Central Labor Counil and supplies you information about meeting location, dates and more.

PDF icon2018_e-c_clc_brochure_quad-fold.pdfThis Central Labor Council with affiliates from both Erie and Crawford Counties in Pennsylvania meets monthly in Erie, PA.  An active council with a variety of annual events will be holding nominations in January and elections in February of 2019, with many of the current officers retiring and will need some of their other activists to take a more prominent role. Review their brochure for more details.Look for their Scholarship in the section of our website "Scholarships".

PDF icon2018_gwclc_brochure.pdf Thie Greater Westmoreland Central Labor Council is one of our most active CLCs. This brochure gives insight into their history, Executive Board, legislators and more. They will have nomination in January and Elections in February of 2019.

 PDF icon2018_i-a_clc_brochure.pdfThis brochure gives you infomation and insight to the Indiana-Armstrong Central Labor Council inuding their officers, meeting dates, location and more.

PDF iconm-p_clc_brochure2018.pdfThe McKean- Potter Central Labor Council cover the jurisdiction of McKean and Potter in PA. Though rural and a very small CLC they are more active than people would anticipte. Review this brochire to learn their Officers, meeting location and dates and join them as they educate the members of labor and the various communities in the region.

PDF icon2019_m_clc_brochure.pdfThe link to the left allows you to access the Mercer County Central Labor Council. The affiliates of this council in Mercer County PA do many things to improve the lives of those in their county, Use this brochure to find out when and ehere they meet, who are the current officers, and join them to make the grassroots organization of the AFL-CIO in this juridiction grow. Look for their Scholarship in the section of our website "Scholarships".

 PDF icon2018_v-c_clc_brochure.pdfIn Venango and Clarion Counties is the Venango-Clarion CLC. This brochure reflects the current officers, meeting date and location, and information on the legislators in this area. They currently meet in Venango County and are hoping to get participation from those in Clarion County. The current offficers are willing to alternate the meeting location between the counties, they just need your participation.

PDF icon2018_w-f_clc_brochure.pdf Members of organized Labor in the  counties of Warren and Forest in Peensylvania have a resource to their avail, the Warren-Forest Central Labor Council. This council in rural America is dedicated to help those in their area. They meet from 6-7:30 Pm in the IUOE 95 Hall at 116 Dobson Ave, Warren, PA 16365. Join them please.

PDF icon2017_nwpa_cluw_brochure.pdf The Coalition of Labor Union Women is an organization that has membership open to both women and men. It is one of our constituency groups of the AFL-CIO. This organization educates and empowers their membership to take leadership roles both in labor and their community. inside the brochure is an application to join, please complete your application and join us for a meeting in the future.