2019-2020 NWPA ALF Scholarships


The NWPA ALF offers three (3) different scholarships. The purpose of our Scholarships is to offer an opportunity for a member and/or their dependents of affiliated local unions of the NWPA ALF to earn a scholarship by winning the essay contest. Our questions are designed to make the applicants learn more about the labor movement and plan for their place in society after graduation from college.



All award recipients must be a union member, dependent of a union member or grandchild of a union member in good standing of a local union affiliated with the NWPA ALF  and enrolled in an accredited degreed program at a system of higher education for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please note there are some changes this year. We encourage every eligible student to apply. We will begin after the first of the year reviewing our list of affiliates to make sure they are accurate to help you better determine if you are eligible. Please remember to do your essay on the correct question.

Below is a link to access a pdf of our application. You can complete the application form, scan it in and save it as a file, then type your essay in MS Word, attach both files and submit them via email this year to [email protected].  You will receive a very short response to confirm we are in receipt of your email.

We wan all the students who are applying for any of our scholarships to know how proud we are of them, We congratulate you for demonstrating how determined you are to obtain the necessary funding to further your education. You have shown more initiative than most of your peers, and we wish you well.

 PDF icon2019-2020_nwpa_alf_scholarship_brocjure.pdf

We look forward to receiving your essay.