Correspondences, Brochures, and Forms

In this section, we will publish for easy access the recent correspondences, informational brochures, and forms of the NWPA Area Labor Federation.

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The following Locals are currently affiliated with the NWPA Area Labor Federation, where available we have included the links to the website of the affiliate and in the event we could not find a website but found that they had a facebook page we included that link for your convenience.

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PDF icon2019_nwpaalf_brochure.pdfLearn more about the NWPA Area Labor Federation which cover 19 counties in NW Pennsylvania, via this brochure. We have our own scholarships brochures for those are also available on our website under"Scholarshi

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation has several forms used for reporting of information from our affiliates. We currently have some designed so that you can type in fields, save for your records, print for submission and send to us. Our goal is to improve the accuracy of our records. We hope you will use them.

In the resource section below you will find the following forms:

 The Erie- Crawford CLC has Scholarships it awards based on the results of  Essay Contests. We encourage all eligible members and their dependents to apply.


     To foster an understanding of the Labor movement’s vital contributions to this nation’s economic, social and political fabric.



Tom Wagner Memorial & Theo Sabin Meyer Memorial:

Anna J. Rickert 2019 Memorial Scholarship


The Beaver-Lawrence Central Labor Council (CLC) is  one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils of the AFL-CIO and are the heart of the labor movement. Our officers and Executive Board are democratically elected. The Delegates and Alternates of our affiliates who serve on our Central Labor Council are dedicated to represent the interests of all working people at the state and local level.


The NWPA ALF offers three (3) different scholarships. The purpose of our Scholarships is to offer an opportunity for a member and/or their dependents of affiliated local unions of the NWPA ALF to earn a scholarship by winning the essay contest. Our questions are designed to make the applicants learn more about the labor movement and plan for their place in society after graduation from college.