Workers' Memorial Services in NWPA ALF

As unimaginable as it may seem, every year some families in our communities and throughout the world have family members go to work and never return home.  They die as a result of an accident or illness while on the job. Their families, co-workers, friends struggle with the loss. On April 28th each year the AFL-CIO asks it affiliates to hold Workers Memorial Services  as a community service to remember those whose lives that were taken so suddenly, to honor their lives and renew our fight for safer workplaces. 

Workers' Memorial Day is an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace incidents and ill health and to promote campaigns, in which union organizations renew the fight for improvements in workplace safety, which continue throughout the year.

Below are images with the information on Workers' Memorial Services which will be held by the Erie-Crawford CLC and the Mercer County CLC  within the NWPA ALF. Please attend one near you. If you are planning a Workers Memorial Service or Event in your region that is not listed below, please sent the information to Rosann at [email protected] and she will add you information below.

Thanks in advance for your participation, it is important to the families, co-workers and friends of those we lost. And renewing our fight for safer workplaces will help assure the list is small next year.