COVID-19 Comprehensive List of Resources for Erie County

At the bottom of this article is the most comprehensive list of resources for COVID-19 with a specific concentration on those available for the residents of Erie County. It was put together by Rep. Robert Merski, Rep. Pat Harkins and their dedicated staff. Please share this information with everyone!

You can download and print the attached 16-page file, share the link to this article or email the file with others. Please leave a copy with your neighbors, friends, and family and ask them to share it with others. Sometimes pride will get in the way of asking for help, if leave it you will have given them the information and kept their pride intact.

We are all in this together. What we do determines how quickly we get back to normal and how much stronger our unions and our communities become.

You may be called upon to talk to your legislators, if so please respond. Please call, text or email Rep. Merski and Rep. Harkins to thank them and their staff for their service and dedication to all of us, which is shown in the work they did to create this comprehensive list.

PDF icon covid-19_resources_erie_county_pa_by_rep_merski_and_harkind_and_their_staff.pdf