COVID-19 Complaint Form

The information and link below were provided by Rep. Pat Harkins:

A new COVID-19 Complaint Form has been created to provide a single point of contact for people who have complaints related to businesses that are not complying with the workers' safety order or the business closure order.

Members and staff who receive calls related to these complaints may direct callers to this webform to submit their complaints. 

In completing the form, people will be asked for:

  • their contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address)
  • business information (name, phone number, address)
  • their relationship to the business/facility (employee, friend or family works there, in my community, no relationship)
  • the category of public health complaint (employees coming to work sick, equipment not sanitized, business not creating a safe environment for customers, etc),
  • the type of business (auto dealership, construction, cosmetology, daycare, grocery store, local government, transportation, warehouse, etc.)
  • information on whether the business owner already has been notified of these concerns
  • information on whether local police, other law enforcement, or local officials already were notified about the business.

The COVID-19 Complaint Form was created and will be reviewed by the Department of Health or other appropriate regulatory agency. The Department of Health will collect the complaints and pass them along to other agencies and departments, as necessary.

Please feel free to share the following link with constituents who call with complaints: