2019-2020 NWPA ALF Scholarship Winners Announced

First, let us thank every applicant to all of our scholarships. We congratulate you for demonstrating how determined you are to obtain the necessary funding to further your education.  You have shown more initiative than most of your peers. Our judges commented that they had an extremely difficult time selecting one winner from the Essays they were judging because so many were excellent.  You should all be as proud of yourselves as we are. 
We had twenty-eight judges total who served on a panel of judges for a given Scholarship (The NWPA ALF Scholarship, the David A Bielski Educational Scholarship, the Dr. David Ferster Educational Scholarship, the Theme Slogan Contest Scholarship) and we thank each of them for giving us time from their already busy schedules.  Our judges were notified who they selected as winners. When they review the essays they were assigned a letter and all identification was removed.
 Andrew Harkulich our Chairman and one of our judges contacted the winners to inform them before we informed the public of the results. Our scholarship winners are as follows;
NWPA Area Labor Federation Scholarship was won by Letter "K", Stone Robert Helsel whose father is a member of AFSCME 2102,
David A Bielski Educational Scholarship was won by Letter "F", Emily Hughes whose father is a member of IAFF 293,
Dr. David Ferster Educational Scholarship was not awarded because we had no applicants, and
Theme Slogan Contest Scholarship was won by Letter "B ", Samuel Vrenna his slogan was "Unions Unite A Community" which we will be proud to use for the theme of the Labor Day Parade in Erie this year.
If you know any of our winners, please congratulate them and encourage them to join us on June 26th.
We reminded all of the applicants that they would be able to apply again next year. 
We made them aware there are two articles on our website (http://unionhall.aflcio.org/nwpaalf),   about additional funding for education under the category of Resources: "Educational Funding  Opportunities" and "Additional Scholarship Links", we hope they will check them out. We wish all of the applicants well as they go forward with your education and encourage them to apply again next year.
Our scholarships will be awarded on Wednesday, June 26tat our 12th Annual Meeting/Convention. The essays selected will be in our program book for the conventionOur Convention will begin at 12:00 NOON in the Crystal Ball Room of the Ambassador Center which is located at 2225 downs Dr., Erie, PA 16509. The winners and their parents are invited to join us. They will receive their awards then.