2018 Theme Slogan Contest Winner

First let us commend each of the 26 High School Seniors who entered our Slogan Contest, all of you have shown how dedicated you are to both furthering your education and finding funding to enable you to reduce your debt upon completion of your schooling. You have earned our respect as you have done more than thousands of our peers.
We want to let you know that our judges had a difficult time because there were so many good entries. They only seen your submission #, slogan and explanation and voted for the submissions they like best giving you a placement with 1st being the best. Then we used a point system to determine the winner. Ultimately they could only select one.
 They choose submission #8 with the slogan "United in Solidarity and Service", which was submitted by Hannah Weller a senior at Grove City High School. The $200.00 prize was presented to her on Saturday, June 2nd  at our 10:00 AM meeting of the NWPA Area Labor Federation in the 1st floor meeting room of the AFSCME DC 85 Hall which is located at 1276 Liberty Street in Franklin, PA 16323. Her father a former member of PSEA joined her as she received her award.

This photo of Hannah Weller accepting her award was provided by AWIU 2 Business Manager James Cassidy.

This beautiful, intelligent and articulate young lady, impressed everyone, when she was given the opportunity to  address us. She shared with us how much she appreciated this opportunity and was delighted her submission was selected. Hannah will use this money  to help with her expenses as she will be attending Messiah College in the fall. When asked why she chose the slogan she submitted. She discussed a play (The Radium Girls) which she had a part in during her senior year. Her role in this play and the extreme case it portrayed of the struggles the "Radium Girls",  drove home to her the importance of unions.  We are so proud of her and wish her well as she continues her education. 
We invited her to join us for the Labor Day Parade in Erie, PA and give us the opportunity to congratulate her publicly, introduce her and give her the microphone and an opportunity to explain to everyone why she chose that slogan.