"2018 Theme Slogan Contest"

The contest is to simply come up with a 2-5 word slogan for our Labor Day Parade and in up to 100 words explain your rationale. This contest is open to ALL High School Seniors from the Class of 2018, who are planning on furthering their education. The deadline for receipt of the theme Slogan is Friday, May 4th. The prize is $200.00, see note below. Entries will be emailed to those serving as our judges for this contest on Monday, May 7th. We will send e-mails to all applicants advising them of who won. The Award will be presented at our Saturday, June 2nd 10:00 AM Meeting in Franklin, PA. NOTE: As the contest winner, you will receive a $200.00 check made payable to you/the College, University, Trade School, Apprentice Program, or Technical School you are planning on attending.
ALL applicants must be a Class of 2018 High School Senior who is continuing their education after graduation. Deadline for submission is Friday May 4th. Only one slogan can be submitted per student. In the event that two or more individuals come up with the same theme, the time of submission and explanation of their rationale will be used to determine the winner. Thank You and Good luck!
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