For Your Information...May 24, 2019

NOTE: The NOLC Executive Board and Council meetings are cancelled due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. No matter how you observe Memorial Day remember that it is a day to commemorate the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

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Around the State from the Oregon Employment Department

The May 21st election endorsements by the Labor Council

Breakfast meeting with Senator Wyden

Reminder, the NW Oregon Labor Council Labor Appreciation & Recognition Night Dinner is June 8th, contact Sue at 503-235-9444 for more information.

From the Oregon AFL-CIO

This week was a disappointing week for workers in the Oregon Capitol. The senate failed to move forward the key priority for the Oregon State Building Trades, HB 2408, while advancing SB 1049, an illegal and unfair attack on public employee benefits.

Defending Against Attacks

SB 1049, the latest attack on public employee retirement, passed the Senate yesterday. This bill would divert a portion of the employee’s 6% contribution and direct it to the unfunded liability. This would have a huge impact on a person’s ability to retire, as it would reduce their earned benefit by up to 12%. This attack is unacceptable. Many of the legislators that stood up and said that they would not cut PERS turned their back on our public employees and voted for SB 1049. We must act now before this bill becomes law:

Supporting the Priorities of Affiliates

HB 2408 would have expanded access to prevailing wage to include construction workers who are working on projects through the Enterprise Zone program. Currently, companies that wish to expand into the zones receive a significant tax abatement while the construction workers building the projects are being paid substandard wages. This bill was met with significant opposition from local governments and did not make it out of the Senate Workforce Committee in time for the deadline and will not be moving forward. Senator Taylor will be convening a work group in the interim and is committed to bringing a committee bill next session to address the need for fair wages on projects that are receiving large tax breaks.

Support LERC

Help spread the word to Save LERC and tell University of Oregon President Michael Schill that we won’t stand for a 68% cut in university funding to this vital program. 

Oregon's Labor Movement Rocks Pride Parade 2019

June 16: Oregon’s Labor Movement Rocks Pride Parade

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