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Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Executive Board meeting

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From the Oregon AFL-CIO

Next week, four of our 2019 legislative priorities are moving forward:

Paid Family Medical Leave
Oregon lawmakers are considering House Bill 3031, the FAMLI Equity Act. It is long past time that Oregonians have paid family and medical leave, and this could finally be the year lawmakers level the playing field so that all workers can give or get the care they need without risking their financial stability. Join us at a public hearing on the FAMLI Equity Act on Monday March 25th at 6pm

Public Worker Protection Act
On Tuesday, House Bill 2016 will go to the floor of the House of Representatives. HB 2016 puts in place common sense protections for public workers. Most of the language in this bill simply formalizes in statute agreements and best practices that are already widely accepted. The House Republican Caucus has issued a minority report which reads like a page out of the Freedom Foundation’s playbook on anti-union policies.

Restoring Health Care Coverage for Public Employee Families
House Bill 3075 will undo the prohibitions passed by the Legislature in 2017 on double healthcare coverage for dual public employee families, and once again permit school districts and other local employers to negotiate win-win solutions for employers and workers by permitting insurance opt-out incentive payments.  This bill had a public hearing on Tuesday and has another hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 26 at 3pm before the House Committee on Health Care.

Equal Access to Justice
On Tuesday, March 27 at 1pm House Bill 3145 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on Judiciary. This important legislation is led by AFSCME Council 75 and addresses the needs for all Oregonians who walk into a courtroom to have adequate, legal representation and helps to improve the way in which our criminal justice system perpetuates racial, gender, and economic disparities.

 Oregon job growth ranks 16th in the nation

 Between January 2018 and January 2019, Oregon employers added 29,500 jobs. This makes Oregon the 16th fastest market for job growth with a rate of 1.5 percent - slightly better than California's 1.4 percent.

 Oregon's job growth rate last year was slightly slower than the overall national rate of 1.7 percent. At the same time, Nevada's job growth ranked number one with a rate of +3.9 percent.

Other Pacific Northwest states outpaced Oregon - Washington was at +2.5 percent, and Idaho was at +2.4 percent. 

 Interestingly, the two sectors of Oregon's job growth that would rank in the top 10 nationwide were government, where the state would rank 3rd, and manufacturing, where it'd rank 8th.

 To learn more, turn to the Current Employment Statics for the state; the University of Oregon's Tim Duy's Economic Indicators; and/or Christian Kaylor's Portland employment report.

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