For Your Information...July 6, 2018

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Around the State from the Oregon Employment Department

Support the Machinists Union

Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Executive Board meeting

 Get out the Vote; Loretta Smith for Portland City Council

The Mississippi Street Fair is tomorrow volunteers will be meeting at 11 am for the first “shift” and 2 pm for the second “shift” on the corner of Kerby and Failing. Volunteers will be walking around in teams in Loretta shirts, chatting with folks and getting them excited about the campaign as well as signing up anyone who is interested in being a volunteer. It should be a good time!

Also, here’s a link to a Google form that has all our upcoming events for the summer for future reference:

From the AFL-CIO

 Message of the Day—Stubbornly Meh

American workers have built the most prosperous economy and most powerful nation on earth. But for too long, we’ve been denied a fair share of what we’ve created. Instead, the fruits of our labor have been funneled into the hands of the rich and powerful. Now we’re demanding better:

We want federal and state legislation to lift the minimum wage to $15 an hour and index it to the median wage.

We want full employment—measured by the growth of real wages in line with productivity—to be a top priority, and we want new Federal Reserve appointees to be demonstrably committed to that goal.

We want budget and tax policies that prioritize full employment and good-paying jobs, including massive and sustained investments in America’s infrastructure.

These reasonable steps are the foundation of a fairer and more just economy. That’s why we’re rallying together, street by street and worksite by worksite. We’re building power to secure that brighter economic future for working families.

 Take Action

Disclose corporate tax cuts!

Today in labor history for the week of July 2, 2018

In Solidarity,

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