For Your Information...January 25, 2019

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Around the State from the Oregon Employment Department

Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Executive Board meeting

Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Delegates meeting


From the AFL-CIO on the government shutdown

 This is what we know about the deal:

Votes in the Senate, then the House, may happen as early as this evening.

The deal will fund the government through February 15.

Federal employees will receive backpay, but there are currently no solutions for the hundreds of thousands of federal contractors who have lost a month of work.

For now, we encourage you to take the following actions:

Please work to keep pressure on the White House and Congress to pass a permanent funding bill by February 15.

Please continue to circulate our toll-free hotlines (Senate: 866-803-8830 & House: 855-976-9914) so union members can contact their members of Congress.

Please call the 52 senators who voted yesterday for the clean bill to re-open the government.

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Find President Trumka's statement at this link.

January 25, 2019 • labor history

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