For Your Information...February 22, 2019

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Around the State from the Oregon Employment Department

Teamsters Blood Drive

Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Executive Board meeting

Tentative Agenda for the NOLC Delegates meeting


Oregon AFL-CIO Organizing Summit

Join the Oregon AFL-CIO and unions from across the state on March 28th in Tualatin to learn new organizing skills


From the AFL-CIO Time to Change the Rules

In the wake of landslide victories in the midterm elections, working people are ready to fight for meaningful change. “Our mission was not simply to rack up victories on election night last November,” said Trumka. “We changed the rule-makers. Now it is time for them to change the rules.”

 resident Trumka put forward a comprehensive agenda that will remake the economy to uphold the dignity of all working families. Some key steps include:

 Modernizing the badly outdated National Labor Relations Act to truly protect our freedom to organize and mobilize together.

Achieving full employment and passing a $15 federal minimum wage.

Expanding Social Security and strengthening our pensions.

Making a serious federal investment in our infrastructure.

Shoring up the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicare, lowering drug costs, and ensuring paid sick and family leave.

Defending our right to safety and dignity on the job by passing the Equality Act, restoring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and temporary protected status, and strengthening the Occupational Safety and Health Administration protections.

 Take Action

Raise the wage!


February 22, 2019 • labor history

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