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 From the Oregon AFL-CIO

As you have seen in our communications for the past month, we are in the middle of an aggressive campaign to fix the pay gap at Fred Meyer, where women are being paid less than men. We have held actions at stores across the state and are running a powerful digital campaign. Thank you to everyone who has attended an action or participated in our online activities.  

We are at a critical moment in this campaign and need your help in the next week to ensure our efforts are successful. Here are two actions you can take to support the Fix the Gap campaign:

 Encourage your membership to shop somewhere else besides Fred Meyer until they fix the pay gap between women and men.

Send Fred Meyer management a letter, and encourage your membership to do so as well by sharing this link:

 “Oregon Health & Science University has removed a member from its bargaining team after he created fake social media accounts to troll American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 328.”

North America’s Building Trades Unions and others are sounding the alarm and encouraging working people to take action to save training, safety, and labor standards in established registered apprenticeship programs.

Port of Portland mentor program looks for applicants

The Port of Portland is taking applications for its Mentor-Protégé Program, which helps small businesses overcome barriers it may face when trying to work with a government agency.

The national program pairs each protégé firm with two mentors for three years, who help the small business develop a strategic plan.

The Port facilitates monthly team meetings and provides a wide array of free technical assistance during the firms' participation in the program.

Services typically provided include:




Proposal writing,

Bonding assistance,


Project management,

Human resources,

And safety.

To apply, click here.

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