For Your Information...April 5, 2019

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 At the halfway point of the legislative session. The Oregon AFL-CIO's legislative team continues to fight for all workers in the state capitol.

 Protecting Core Workers' Rights

The Workplace Fairness Act - Senate Bill 726 - which creates stronger protections for workers against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination is scheduled to be voted out of committee next Tuesday.

Senate Bill 370 would protect immigrant workers from ICE raids at work. This bill moved out of the Senate Workforce Committee and is headed to the Senate floor.  

We are opposing Senate Bill 1026, which is an attempt to reduce the amount of money seafood processing workers take home for working overtime. It is scheduled for a work session in Senate Workforce next week.

House Bill 3075 addresses double coverage healthcare for public employees. We are advocating for public employees to be able to have two family members on PEBB and OEBB.  This bill moved to the Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday.

 Supporting the Priorities of Affiliates

Senate Bill 823 would make it illegal for health care employers to retaliate against employees who report assault that has occurred on the job. It is scheduled for a committee work session and vote on Monday.

The Corporate Accountability Act - Senate Bill 750 - which would help workers protect themselves when companies failed to follow labor laws, had a public hearing yesterday. The Ways and Means Committee will look at how this policy would affect the state budget.

Senate Bill 507 would shift the responsibility to employers to disprove cases of PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury) for workers in dangerous fields such as corrections officers and fire fighters. The bill was heard in the Senate Workforce Committee and is going through the MLAC process.

House Bill 2231 would expand collective bargaining rights and allow interpreters who work for the state of Oregon to unionize. It had a public hearing on Monday and is scheduled for a work session next week.

 Defensive Fights for Workers

We are opposing Senate Bill 305, which would rollback prevailing wage laws.  This bill had a public hearing this week.

The Capitol Construction Committee heard multiple bills about PERS and it's clear the conversation about how to balance the budget continues to include unfair attacks on workers and their retirement.

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