RE: LCSA Emergency Fundraiser; serving wildfire & COVID impacted and Presents From Partners

The need is massive in Oregon and SW Washington, but Labor’s Community Service Agency will continue to serve. LCSA has assisted thousands of union families in the past six months through both the Helping Hands temporary hardship and Dislocated Worker programs and now we will stand alongside our members during the devastating fires raging in our state. LCSA’s dedicated staff is trained, prepped & here to help your members.

But we simply cannot do it without donations from our unions.

Labor’s Community Service Agency is asking you to make a treasury donation so we can maintain our safety net programs and provide our services through the current wildfires, COVID-19’s impact and food and presents for the upcoming holidays. Staying home does not mean that we are without community and your donations will go a long way in reminding those hardest hit that unions are standing with them.

 Please also share our fundraiser on all of your social media outlets!  

 Please see attached forms for more information.

Thank you for everything you do in partnership with LCSA. It is an honor to serve union families.

 In Unity,

  • Eryn Byram (she/her), Executive Director
  • a United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Community Partner
  • 9955 SE Washington #301, Portland OR 97216
  • Phone: 503-231-4962
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Facebook: LCSA-Portland