Tweet Wisely

Twitter is less a social platform for person-to-person or group connections, and more of a tool to follow national and local trending news and personalities whether they are political leaders, celebrities, etc.  Twitter can be good for commenting on live events and putting pressure on public campaign targets.

press outreach 

When reaching out to local press, Twitter is a good tool as almost all journalists use it in a professional capacity. Use it to connect with journalists and share actions that they would be interested in covering.

basic tweeting

  • When you tweet, use only one hashtag.
  • Include a photo, video or link to an article/blog, etc.
  • Don’t link your Facebook and Twitter and vice versa for auto posting. It looks lazy.
  • Join tweet chats or other Twitter gatherings where it makes sense.
  • Watch the company or target you are following and see if they are live tweeting or doing any Q&As you can hijack.

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is a great way to provide updates from an event or action. Think of it as a radio sportscaster providing updates and commentary that makes you feel like you’re there. Tips for live tweeting:

  • Incorporate photos and short video clips as much as possible. Tweets with photos see more engagement than plain text tweets.
  • Preview you will be live tweeting several days in advance. Make sure other people who are going to tweet are encouraged to do so and let them know what hashtag should be used. Also, alert the local media what and when you will be live tweeting.
  • Use an existing hashtag for your campaign OR create a new one if you aren’t already using one. When in doubt, don’t create a new hashtag. Chances are it won’t be widely used and it’s better to tap into an existing topic people are talking about. But don’t use a hashtag that is too broad or general.
  • Only use one hashtag (two if you absolutely must).
  • Save your tweets with a tool like Storify after the event so you can access everything in one place. You can send this story to the reporters you talk to.