Go Live!

Another way to get the word out about the great action you just had is sharing video, photos and commentary live from the event itself.  Remember, this is tactic for your campaign, so use the same commonsense rules you would apply to any public communication on what people are doing and why.

what's your point?

Actions do speak louder than words, so make sure your action fits into the story you are telling about why you are organizing or what's at stake at the bargaining table. Does it show increasing public support for your campaign? Does it reinforce the core values of the union we are forming? Your live coverage on Facebook or through Twitter should serve a purpose in the broader communication strategy. 

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows you to start broadcasting live from your smartphone. Its live, right, so you can't edit it if you capture something you don't want to share. 

Best Practices for Facebook Live and Periscope


Live-tweeting is a great way to provide updates from an event or action. Think of it as a radio sportscaster providing updates and commentary that makes you feel like you are there. You can (and should) add photos and video, and unlike Facebook Live, you are sharing chosen moments that are easier to sync with your overall message and communications plan. Here are some tips for live-tweeting:

  • Incorporate photos and short video clips as much as possible. Tweets with photos see more engagement than plain text tweets.

  • Preview content you will be live-tweeting several days in advance. Make sure other people who are going to tweet are encouraged to do so and let them know what hashtag should be used. Also alert the local media the details of what and when you will be live-tweeting.

  • Use an existing hashtag for your campaign OR create a new one if you aren’t already using one. When in doubt, don’t create a new hashtag. Chances are it won’t be widely used and it’s better to tap into an existing topic people are talking about. But don’t use a hashtag that is too broad or general.

  • Use only one hashtag (two if you absolutely must).

  • Save your tweets by using a tool like Storify to save your tweets after the event so you can access everything in one place. You can send this story to the reporters you talk to.