Take Action!

There is no better way to see how having a union at work can make a difference than to actively participate in the campaign and see what a difference it makes.


Get everyone involved so people see themselves (not just the committee or an outside third party) as the driving force of the union.

Practice what we preach

Don’t make promises about what will happen after the election or after the first contract. Put a plan together now to engage others in something they care about.  

power in numbers

Put “power in numbers” into action. Whether it’s a survey, a petition or a rally with the community, find a way to bring broad groups of people together, put them into action and connect the action to why we are organizing a union.


PDF icon Tips for Getting People Involved
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How to Pick Issues That Build Power

PDF icon Start a Petition Drive
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Never Be Wrong: Plan and Execute Turnout
PDF icon Approaches for Working with Community Allies