Campaign Plan

A campaign plan is a road map for how to form a union at our place of work. It includes our strategy to win and all the detailed steps that must be done to successfully put the plan into action.


Construct a plan that builds on the components of a successful campaign:

  • How will we identify and establish a strong committee of leaders early on?
  • How will the committee reach out to others one on one, and what help do they need? How long will that take?
  • When we’re ready to kick off the campaign, what will we do and say to communicate our message? Who are we and why are we organizing?
  • How will we reach out to allies; dampen harmful or illegal actions from the employer?


The format and content of the written plan will depend on the campaign, who's involved, time frames and objectives. However, every plan should communicate what we are trying to accomplish and how we are going to get there. Whatever your plan, get tips from seasoned organizers about how to set goals and get it done. 

Consider including: 

  • A summary of what we know about the employer, industry and workplace;
  • A summary of the organizing activity and workers involved—who is organizing, where do they work and what do they do;
  • An explanation of the strategy to win;
  • A list of goals and a specific time period to reach the goals;
  • A description of activity that supports the goals;
  • An assessment of possible obstacles and opportunities;
  • An analysis of factors outside the workplace such as strong allies that could make a difference;
  • A calendar or timeline that puts all the pieces together, identifies benchmarks and lets people know what to expect; and
  • Resources, expertise and the training needed to succeed at the plan.


PDF icon Write a Campaign Plan PDF icon(Spanish version)
PDF icon Template for a 4-Week Campaign Plan
PDF icon Sample Campaign Plan Outline