Why Organize a Union?

People organize unions for many reasons. Whether small or large, joining together in a union can give people more power to shape their workplaces and their communities.

Why organize?

  • To exercise power in numbers.
  • To make sure our children have a good place to work and a good community to raise their families.
  • To get a raise so we can save for retirement.
  • To make our place of work more family-friendly.
  • To get active in a democratic organization that gives us more power in the workplace, community and the economy.
  • To gain more power for the 99%.
  • To meet and work with people who care about social justice.
  • To demand health insurance.
  • To go home with all our fingers intact.
  • To exercise our right to negotiate collectively with our employer.

Why would anyone be against this?

In theory, many people support the right to organize a union. But when it comes to exercising our rights, employers and politicians may change their attitude toward what’s good “for our community” or “in this workplace.”

When we form a union, we get more power over decisions that affect our workplaces and our families. Many employers oppose working people during union organizing campaigns because they don’t want to give up power or money when people start having a greater say about how things are done.

Opposition can be effective when others use fear, uncertainty and doubt as weapons to interfere with working people’s free choice to join together and form a union.


PDF icon FAQs on Organizing Campaigns
PDF icon What Will My Boss Say? PDF icon (Spanish version)