New York Daily News: AFL-CIO To Take On ‘Reckless’ GOP Push To Repeal Obamacare

The AFL-CIO, a union that has had its share of issues with elements of the Affordable Health Care Act, is now poised to become one of its biggest defenders on Capitol Hill.

In a letter to be sent Monday to House and Senate lawmakers, labor leader Richard Trumka blasted the “reckless” Republican-led effort to repeal Obamacare “with breathtaking speed” — and without providing a replacement program.

Some 30 million Americans will be left uninsured if the GOP succeeds in killing the act. The universal health insurance program, which mandated insurers cover even those with preexisting conditions, was a signature achievement of Obama’s presidency.

“It is reckless ... This approach will cause the individual insurance market to collapse, destroying coverage for millions of Americans,” Trumka said in the letter obtained by the Daily News.

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