Many weeks after Democrats swept the Georgia Senate runoff elections, the right-wing extremists’ January 6th assault on Congress saturated the news cycle.

Recent graduate Emily Conway ’21 has secured a full-time job as a research and policy associate with the North Bay Labor Council, a democratically elected body that represents the interests of over

We are living through an extraordinary moment, a crisis of historic proportions. 
As the repository for the Bay Area’s working class history, the SF State's Labor Archives and Research Center has invited us to help make a record of this critical time from the perspective of workers. We are living through history and you know what they say, if we don't learn from history, it's bound to repeat itself.

It's May Day, International Workers Day. Join online with a caravan of cars going to the Capitol.

Here's what we're asking for:

The global coronavirus pandemic has walloped California, and Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered all 40 million residents to ‘shelter in place’ except for travel to purchase groceries and prescription drugs. He also urged Californians to practice ‘social distancing’ from non-family population members. The governor banned large public gatherings and ordered all schools and non-essential businesses to close. The legislature appropriated $1 billion to fight the deadly virus. 

On Monday April 20, over 140 Bay Area elected leaders are calling on Governor Newsom and our state legislature to ensure a #SafetyNet4AllofUs by providing ongoing relief for California’s undocumented community through the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

You can read our letter and add your name in support HERE.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is causing tremendous hardships for all working people in the City of Santa Rosa (or in the County of Sonoma). The crisis has taught us that we are all interconnected: none of us are healthy and secure if all us are not.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                              Contacts: Mara Ventura
                                                                                                                [email protected]
                                                                                                                (707) 293-2863

We at the North Bay Labor Council have been working with all levels of government to help and protect workers during this difficult time. In addition, we're trying to get the word out about how you can help. 

There are a few petitions to sign that would be very helpful to workers. Please consider signing on to these. It may not seem like much but it could make a big difference to many. 

They are:

As you know we’ve been looking for ways we can help in the new world of “social distancing.” We’re planning to have our next Council meeting on March 25th by zoom video, more on that in another email.