Conference Registration

2017 Conference Registration Form

This year’s conference fee is $525. It includes all meals (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners) and all classroom materials.  Guests may dine with the group for a fee.  

To help in the planning, please register by April 14. 

A late fee of $75.00 will be imposed if you’re registration is received after the cutoff date and your acceptance will be approved if space is available.   Please call for confirmation.   Please use a separate form for each applicant, photocopied forms are acceptable.

 Name                                                                             Position/Title                                                                                    


City, State/ Zip                                                                                 

 Daytime Phone                                                                             Fax                                                                        


Union & Local                                                               District/Region                                                                                 

 Union Address                                                             City/State/Zip                                                                                   

 Union Phone                                                               Publication                                                                                         

[    ]  Check here f you have any vegetarian requirements


The Michigan Labor Press strives to increase the effectiveness of the labor press as a communications

medium for your membership!



2017 Membership Application Annual dues for the

Michigan Labor Press are:

___  $500             Sponsor               For organizations and individuals supporting the MLP

___  $250             Vendor Table

___  $40               Active                   Only one active member per organization (includes editor)
                                                          This membership entitles the member to vote and hold MLP office

___  $30               Associate            For additional officers and staff members interested in Labor                                                                                                     Communications

___  $10               Retired                 For union retirees (those still working on publications are eligible                                                                                              for active member status)

 Renewing Membership [    ]       New Membership  [    ]

 Please enclose annual dues if renewing or joining and $525.00 for the conference fee.

Please make copies for each attendee. Make checks payable to Michigan Labor Press and mail to:

MICHIGAN LABOR PRESS, 13220 Duffield Rd., Montrose  MI 48457

 Please submit your membership dues by April 14, 2017