The Countdown #30

The Trump administration cut public-sector organizing.


The current presidential administration regularly attacks the rights of anyone wishing to organize. For 70 years workers have had the right to protections under a collective bargaining agreement but the ability of every worker to get our fair-share is being dismantled. The Trump administration has worked relentlessly to try and divide us as they take up lawsuit after lawsuit against working people.  


When union membership goes down other things are guaranteed to go down with it. Wages go down, worker safety goes down, worker retention goes down. That is why we are so strongly supporting candidates fighting hard for the safety and earnings of working people across the nation like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


They recognize that Unions value people and care enough to have your back. Unions really know what it means to be 'all in this together' because we have seen how collective bargaining makes us stronger. Joe Biden has a detailed commitment to “strengthening worker organizing, collective bargaining, and unions.” Joe has our back by making sure our freedom to organize is not restricted. Let’s show him we have his back in November!


Our world can change in 30 days and we need You to make it happen! Get involved with the election by signing up to volunteer at this link:

The Countdown is a series outlining issues with the current administration every day before the election that can be resolved with Your vote on November 3rd.