The Countdown #6

Covering Up Workplace Injuries

 Joe Biden has said OSHA is not doing enough to protect workers. He is right

During previous administrations, OSHA has provided transparent and accurate information about workplace injuries. The Trump Administration has repealed the rules that demand businesses share this information.

These include reports of accidents and known toxic exposure. Since 2017, OSHA, which is tasked to protect the health and safety of workers, has been allowing businesses to delay reporting any information of accidents, toxic conditions, and employee exposure to fatal toxins, like silica dust. It is being reported that thousands of complaints about workplace safety brought this year have not been looked into at all.

Joe Biden said that OSHA was not doing all they could “to keep their workers safe and healthy,” and he knows what they can do to protect people. He has experience with utilizing OSHA during the Obama Administration’s handling of the H1N1 virus. Joe helped keep us safe then, and he will again.


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